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You can now register for the DIC Course 3-7 July 2017!

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The course is organized by well-known international experts in the field with a broad experience in a wide range of applications. Specific focus is on the metrological aspects of the system, with quantitative interpretation of the results and error quantification. Theoretical lectures are alternated with in-depth experimental labs and data analysis.

July, 2017

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Damage evolution under extreme strain-rates

“MatchID ’s unique features have ultimately saved us time and increased the quality of our results.”

- Leslie Lamberson, Drexel University

Dynamic Multifunctional Materials Lab, Drexel University, Philadelphia PA, USA

Paper and wood

"MatchID’s expertise in appropriate DIC analysis and VFM have been an important aspect of my work"

- John Considine, US Forest Service
Considine et al., Exp Mech 54 p.1395 (2014)