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iDICs 2017

Come join us at the 2017 iDICs conference and workshop, where MatchID will conduct a short course on material identification using our Virtual Fields Method (VFM) module, and model validation via Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with a quantitative interpretation of the results. In particular, it is illustrated how DIC uncertainties impact the identified properties and final model validation decisions.

The principal goal of this workshop is not to provide a detailed theoretical study on DIC, VFM and FEA validation, but to focus on possible problems and general concepts via practical examples and how this is all integrated within MatchID.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Engineers and researchers, in both academia and industry, who have an interest in the use of full- field strain measurements to extract mechanical properties of materials or validate FEA models.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Basic knowledge of DIC

VENUE: Crowne Plaza, Barcelona, Spain

November 6, 2017


In our 3rd instalment of MatchID DIC webinars, we will progress from 2D DIC to stereo DIC.

The hour long live webinar broadcast will allow the attendees to learn and interact one-on-one with the presenters, and send in queries as the webinar progresses.


November 22, 2017

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